Wish to compare DNA to County Down McMullan/McMullen

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Wish to compare DNA to County Down McMullan/McMullen

Postby tomwdcraftr » Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:03 pm

I'm curious if any McMullan/McMullen's (var sp) with ancestral ties to County Down have had a male Y-DNA test? While there are a number of companies who do DNA testing, I had mine through FTDNA through the Clan MacMillan group.

There are a couple individuals who tested fairly close to my results, but appears it will be hard to identify a common ancestor if there is one. So far, I'm not aware of any McMullan/McMullen's who have tested that may have had ties to County Down. If someone is aware of one who tested from County Down, perhaps you could send me a message about it.

I joined one group to compare my results to those who tested at ancestry.com The apparent problem with that comparison is that ancestry doesn't test all of the same markers FTDNA does, which seems to make the comparison somewhat inconclusive. Also, where I tested closely to some, it's sad that some don't seem to respond to my emails to discuss possible common ancestry.

Soo, my Christmas and New Year's wish is for all with similar surnames and County Down ties, to have the Y-DNA test at FTDNA.

Thanks!! Tom McMillan (Washougal, WA, USA)
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